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Shiatsu is a form of body work generally done fully clothed on a futon. Shiatsu actually means finger pressure. A practitioner will perform a basic diagnosis of what is happening for that client and then either give a calming, slow, deep treatment or if needed, stretching and gentle rocking to open and release stagnation or tension.


Pressure points maybe used to invigorate or bring energy or aid circulation.

It's usually full body although some areas can be targeted specifically if needed. I tend to work a lot on helping people feel supported, held, calm and relaxed, really working on settling the nervous system . Often there is trauma or shock locked into the body mind and shiatsu is very good for giving a safe secure place and time to help resolve those issues.  


75 Minute Treatment (recommended for first treatment)             £60.00

45 Minute Treatment                                                                        £45.00

Some of the benefits of shiatsu:


•​Restore and maintain the body’s energy, especially helpful to those suffering from fatigue and overall weakness

•​Addiction issues Improves circulation Reduces stress and tension as well as anxiety and depression

•​Relief from headaches Promotes healing from sprains and similar injuries


•​Helps bring relief to arthritis sufferers


•​Reduces problems with stiff neck and shoulders as well as backaches (including sciatica) Coughs, colds, and other sinus and respiratory problems Helps those dealing with insomnia


•​Aids in treatment of such various things as digestive disorders, bowel trouble, morning sickness, and menstrual problems

Your therapist for this treatment will be Aaron Whalen


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