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Food Intolerance Testing

Food intolerance testing has to be about more than a list of things to avoid. What you need is solid, sound advice with nutrition and practicality considered.

My herbalist training means I understand how the body works in both health and disease and the interaction between the different body organs and development of food intolerance. Training with the Mora machine and many years of experience dealing with food intolerances enable me to give you constructive and safe advice.

The machine tests for intolerances and sensitivities (commonly referred to these days as ‘allergies’) by measuring energy wavelengths and how they change when potential substances are introduced into the circuit. Many people today are suffering a range of symptoms for which testing and elimination or management of intake of identified foodstuffs can help.

Most commonly seen conditions include those involving the skin, digestive system, rheumatic aches, migraines, headaches and general fatigue. The machine will not be able to test for allergic antibodies – only a laboratory blood test can do this and this is how the severest of reactions such as anaphylaxis are diagnosed.

If I think a blood test is necessary then I will refer you to the appropriate professional.

During the generous 90 minute consultation I spend approximately half an hour taking a full medical history, involving current symptoms, past and present medical conditions, past diagnosis, drug & family history plus details of your diet and lifestyle. This information is vital when analysing the test results and helps me give you sound and workable advice on implementing any changes necessary.

The test follows, you will be asked to hold onto a copper electrode whilst a blunt probe is placed on an acupuncture point (no needles and no pain) on one of your toes. The test is painless, non invasive and the readings are instant.

There will be an opportunity to discuss the results and for me to provide some tips and ideas on how to manage your intolerances.

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